Just Be There

Times like this does not come very often. When you are just there with nothing much to do. But that becomes the problem, isn’t? All our life we keep ourselves busy in different situations, different activities, different goals and so on. But what if we cannot do these things anymore?

All our life we keep ourselves busy with doing this things, by doing that thing, in order to avoid the dullness and unrest we feel when we have nothing much to do. To avoid that dullness we make ourselves busy by doing work, watching television, mobile surfing, you tube, Facebook etc. Have you ever wonder we keep avoiding ourselves, we cannot spent a few minutes with ourselves by simply sitting.

There are many bad things which are happening right now. Corona pandemic has made things worse, people are dying, economy is crashing and many more. Just think for a moment, how fragile human life is. A tiny virus is causing havoc, and we are unable to do anything, simply taking safety measures to keep ourselves safe. This is a very desperate time, and all we can do is to stay at home and minimize the spread.

Yet by staying at home, why not to invest our time in self exploration, rather than making ourselves busy in social media and stuff. Just By simply sitting there still and enjoy our own time. May be at first it would be very difficult to sit simply because of the trouble which the brain will create. However if we continue, slowly and simply silence will take over and give you a sense of joy which cannot be described in words.

This is a time of great opportunity, don’t waste it. In few weeks or months life will return to normal, with old routines of work work and work. And with this, whole life will be spent without knowing or without exploring the most basic questions about life. And in this time, you need not to do much efforts. Simply sitting and being there will do the wonder. So be there simply and wonder will happen to you.


World Needs You Right Now

May be throughout your life you have thought ‘What’s my purpose here? Whats the meaning of life, How can I serve the world’. May be your life was not making any sense to you and you was desperate to give it some meaning. Here is some good news, the opportunity to give meaning to your life and serve the humanity is here. It does not matter Who you are, what you do or where you live, during current scenario of Corona Virus(Covid-19), You have the opportunity to touch the life of many people throughout the globe.

Ask yourself ‘What can I offer to world?’. May be you are having expertise in medicine, finance, health, engineering, transport or whatever expertise you have, you can offer it to the people in trouble. You can offer food if you have surplus, you can offer medicine, you can offer clothes, you can offer shelter, or if you think you have nothing to offer, at least you can offer a SMILE.

At this time of pandemic, don’t think what you can get out of the world, rather think what you can give to the world. Its pay back time. This is the situation which whole of the humanity is facing, and we all have to fight it together.

Start sharing whatever you can, This is the time of greatest opportunity to really turn the world into a great brotherhood.


Be Original —- But How?

No body is now asking this question “How to be original”. Most often we are living the life of someone else, we are living the desires of our society, we are living in a preset context. And as the society becomes more systematic or we can say more organized, it becomes more and more suffocating. Then in these circumstances the society has already defined some boundaries, and you just have to contain yourself in those boundaries. If you ask yourself how can I become more original, you just need to dig deep. Here are few areas on which you can work.

  1. Comfort Zone:

Many a times you will come across the idea, ‘Oh You just need to leave your comfort zone to be original’. But ask yourself, “Is it Easy?”. You are earning a handsome amount in your current job and that’s feel very much secure, you are taking care of your family with your income, now altogether how can you leave everything aside and start from scratch. Sound’s scary, Isn’t?

So stop listening to the ideas which demand such a radical change, because that will not work. If you want to be original, you don’t need to take very drastic measures. You just need to be sincere, to be thoughtful, to be a little more attentive, you just need to think a little ahead of time.

  1. Fulfill Your Basic Needs First:

First you need to make yourself secure from all your basic needs. If you are very much uncertain from where you next paycheck will come, definitely you will struggle to be original. Then all your energies will spent to make yourself financially secure. First the basic needs must be met, then we can move towards the other dimensions.

When one is secure financially, emotionally and physically, then one can move forward. Freedom starts, when you move above the physical needs, when these needs are no more your main concern. Stop taking influence from outside (which is very difficult, because we are so much exposed to external influences) by paying attention to your genuine needs, not on the needs which the society is telling you in its glamorous form and shape.

  1. Don’t Push Anything:

Sometimes after watching a motivational video or attending a self development seminar, You become so much excited that you want to push yourself hard to cross all your limits, not considering about your desires, your personality, your qualities and your limitations. You just think by pushing hard, you will achieve everything. But the sad reality is ‘a laborer work 8-12 hrs a day, but still find it difficult to take care of his family’. So is this the answer?

You cannot go very far by being hard on yourself. There must be relaxation, comfort, soothness of mind and body, then you can reach where you are trying to be. Don’t make yourself a patient of Hypertension, depression and Anxiety by struggling too hard. Relax a bit, and keep working slowly and nicely, You will definitely reach where you are trying to be.

“If you take too much input from outside, you will definitely not like the output”


Do You Want To Change Your Habits?

3 Simple Steps To Develop New habits which You Need Most

Is it possible to change any of your co-existing habits or to develop a new habit which you need most to move forward in life? May be you have tried to wake up early in morning, start a diet plan or develop an exercise routine, but failed horribly. We all know what we need most to build the life of our dreams. But as we start working towards our new habits, our old routines kicks in and we find ourselves in the middle of nowhere. If we continue to draw on our will power, we feel exhausted in a couple of days or weeks, and that’s when we decided to leave our efforts and return to our old familiar routines. If we follow a systematic approach, it would be a bit easy to develop new routines. Here are 3 basic steps to develop a new routine.

  1. Start With Small Steps:

Suppose you want to develop a routine of 30 minutes exercise daily. What would be the best approach to develop this routine?

  • Start with 30 minutes straight and pushing ourselves hard daily until we are exhausted.
  • Or would it be better to start with 3-5 minutes of exercise daily and gradually build on it?

Most of us, when we decide to develop a new habit are so much excited that we want to start and get the results of our new routine immediately. So we decided to go with 30 minutes exercise daily, and in few days we feel its too hard. Most of us are like this. So if you are looking forward to develop a new routine, Our advise is to break that routine in multiple small steps. Start practicing one small step, and when you find it easy without any effort, you take another small step and go on like this.

  1. Link Your New Routine With An Old One:

It would be a bit easy to develop new routine, if you link your new routine with an old one. So if you are looking forward to develop a routine of exercise, first decide when you want to do it. Suppose you want to do it in the morning, so it would be a good idea to do it after brushing your teeth. So you ask yourself, “after brushing my teeth, I will exercise for 2 minute or 3 minute” or whatever you like.

By linking your new routine to an old one, you are giving it a more familiar shape. And when you link your new routine with an old one, your brain take it as the continuity of the old routine and resist less. Linking is a very powerful tool, use it in your favor and you will feel easier to develop new routines.

  1. Give Yourself Immediate Reward:

If you want to make your new habit stick, you need to give yourself immediate reward after you perform the activity. For example, after doing exercise for 2 minutes, You can give yourself an imaginary tap, Or you can say to yourself that you are amazing, Or you can reward yourself by singing the song you like or listening to your favorite music or whatever way you like to reward yourself. But the reward must be immediate.

There is no doubt that the human mind is reward driven. When you are rewarding yourself for a routine, you are consolidating that routine. Rewards make us feel good about ourselves that we have done something, we have achieved something. So if you are looking forward to develop a new routine, immediate reward is the Must Strategy.


Do not go for shortcuts in life, go for a systematic approach. There is method to everything, and when you follow that systematic approach, things become easy. So if you start with small steps, link your new habit with an old one and give yourself immediate reward, the journey to develop new habits will become much more easy.

If you plant the seed at the right time, in the right place, it will grow without much effort.


Make Life Easy With 3 Simple Tips

Take few moments to think about few small questions ” What do you feel about your life, is it easy or hard? Are you fulfilling your needs or your endless desires? Do you think you can work less and enjoy your life a bit more? What are your thoughts about a life which would be less tiring and more relaxing?”.

We live in a world where most of the people are working hard but not getting enough, or getting enough but not satisfied with their life standards. The standards of basic human needs have gone too high, but no one is willing to ask “Is this normal?”, or there is something basic wrong. Most people work 8-12 hrs per day but still feel lagging behind. Financial insecurities are growing more and more.

In this time of great fear and stress, there are some tips which if we follow can definitely help us in making our life easy. Here are these 3 tips.

  1. Think About Your Needs First, Not Desires:

What do we need to survive? Food, Shelter and Health. These are our survival tools, and unfortunately we have made our survival so luxurious that now it feels very hard to meet our basic survival needs. Everyday more and more artificial and junk food coming to market with glamorous advertisement. Now food is not meant for nutrition, it meant to show our social status. The more junk food we take, the more we sick we become, now we will be needing medicines to restore our basic health, and the more medicines we take the more side effects these medicines have. And the cycle continues with one thing leading to another making our life more and more difficult.

Most people are now looking to have a house like Taj Mahal. People don’t understand whether they live in a house of one room or 1000 rooms, they will remain the same people. A house does not change “Who You Are”. Most people work throughout their life to have a Dream House of their own without thinking once how much space they need.

Now is the time to think what are our basic needs and how we can fulfill these needs without making our life difficult.

  1. Find A Solution:

If you want to make your life easy, find solution to your problems. Most to us go on without solving the issues which arise in our lives. And the more we negate the problems, the bigger these problems become. A time comes when we feel that the problem is too big to handle, and it lead us ultimately to depression and anxiety making our life more hard.

A wise person is the one who is ready to find solution. Your life will become easy if you go in life with problem solving approach. If you stuck in the point why this happen, why that happen, why I am the victim, why every bad thing happen to me, then this approach towards life will destroy your life and you will be unable to find a way out.

  1. Make Peace With Your Surroundings:

Most people are very much unhappy with their surroundings. They are always complaining how nothing is good in their life, how people are manipulating them, how no body care about them and so on. Most people don’t understand that they cannot control everything in their surroundings, but they can definitely control their reactions to their surroundings in a healthy way.

Their is no such thing as ideal in life, there is always room for some improvement. There are always some rough patches, there are always some people with whom you are not comfortable, there are always deficient resources. But that’s the way it is. If you make peace with your surroundings, life will be easy for you and you will be able to contribute in a healthy way. If you are ungrateful all the time, always complaining, then the life of only one person will be difficult, and that’s You. Choice is Yours.


Life is like a river, always flowing. If you want your life to be easy, just accept and go with the flow of river. If you go simple, life will be simple and easy. Just know what are your needs, build your capacity to fulfill your needs, be ready to find solution to your problems, and make peace with your surroundings.

“Life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated”


How To Make Right Decision

3 Simple Steps For Making The Right Decision

‘No Decision Is about Right Or Wrong, Its Only About Who You Are’

Just forget about the right or wrong decisions, the best thing you should ask is ” Whats the right way to make a decision”. No one can tell whether they are making the right or wrong decision. One thing is sure, whatever decision we make, it affects our life in a certain way. Let’s look at three simple steps for choosing the right way of making decision.

  1. What Are Your Inner most Values:

Before you make any decision, Stop and think about your inner most values. You might be a person who love to help others, but now the decision you are making is a selfish one, or You happened to be a creative person but now you are choosing a dumb job with no creativity at all.

Every decision is a declaration about your Inner most being. Its about how you perceive the world. Stop asking whether I am making the right decision or wrong, Begin to ask yourself what are my core Values and the decision I am making coincide with my values or not.

  1. Listen To Your Inner Guidance:

You are about to bought a house but something inside you is telling you not to bought that specific house, or You are about to choose a career but your gut feelings are not comfortable with that choice. Sound’s Familiar?

There is a part of you which you can call sixth sense, gut feelings, inner voice or whatever you like, and that part of you is more wise than your rational mind. It keeps sending us the message whats good for us. But its always our free will whether to listen to it or not. If you are not able to listen to your inner voice, no worries. If you really pay attention you will realize that your inner guidance is always on and its always there to help You.

  1. Involve Concerned People:

In the journey of life, there are many people involved in everyone’s life. The decision you are making will certainly affect the people around you. Have you considered their well being? Have you discussed your thoughts with your loved ones?

Life is not about going alone, its about taking others with You. Life is a Dialogue not Monologue. And the moment you start to take care of others, Life Begins to take care of You.

‘It is only in the mysterious equations of Love that any logic or reasons can be found’

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DISCOVER YOURSELF — Laying The Foundation

How To discover Yourself With 3 Basic Steps

Self Discovery Is The Matter Of Heart Not Of Head

How much you desire to discover yourself? Are you asking yourself again and again who really I am? Is the desire to discover yourself so strong that you are ready to give anything up? If the answer to these questions is NO, then you are not ready. Everything starts with a strong burning desire. Self discovery is the most difficult and most important work which you will do in your life. Lets take a look at 3 basics steps which if followed will ultimately laid the foundation of SELF DISCOVERY.

  1. Feel The Need:

Until and unless you feel the need for something, you are not gonna work for it. Are you satisfied with your current life? 10 years from now would you like to be the same person doing the same thing? Does your work bring Joy to You? https://helpyourself01.com/2020/02/25/how-to-find-work-you-love/

If the answers to these questions is no, then definitely you are in the need to discover you true self. And when you discover your true potential, your talents, your gifts, Life won’t be the same again.

  1. Ask Difficult Questions:

And if you ask a question, you will definitely get the answer. Ask yourself the most essential questions, “What is it that I want most? What is it that I am afraid most? Why is it that I am wasting my Life? Whats holding me back? Why i feel victim of my circumstances?

Start writing answers to these and many more questions which are coming in your mind. Don’t Ask someone else to give answers for your questions, you and only you know and will give the answers to yourself.

  1. Be True To Yourself:

The most important responsibility you have in your lifetime is Being true to Yourself. Stop lying to yourself that you have everything figured out, or you are living a great life when in reality you are not. Stop accusing other people of your short comings, start taking the responsibility where it belongs.

And if you are true to yourself and asking the questions again and again, you will see the Answers coming to you in ways which you cannot imagine in your wildest dreams.

“If You don’t get lost, there’s a chance you may never be found”

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Going Beyond Your Fears

How To Overcome Your Fears — 5 Simple Tips

“People don’t regret failure, they regret mostly over opportunities they did not seize”

You are planning to do something great like start a new business, going for a long trip, preparing for your speech, launching a new product and so on. During this whole process a feeling of uncertainty, ambiguity and stress surrounds you. And sometimes during this whole journey You crashed out and cancel what you were planning to do. Sound’s Familiar? It happens to all of us, and if we want to grow in life, we need to learn how to go beyond our Fears. Here are 5 simple tips.

  1. Accept Your Fears:

Remember your childhood, always afraid of new things but also having the desire to explore. As we grow, fear becomes a taboo. You cannot tell anyone that you are afraid or he/she will think “WHAT, Afraid? Are you 10 ?”.

Fear does not mean something is wrong with you, It means YOU are just HUMAN. Like all other emotion, this emotion is also there to protect us and divert us away from danger or uncertainty. If we want to grow, we need to accept and make peace with our most natural emotion.

  1. Dance With Your Fears:

Whenever there is uncertainty, there will be Fear. Fear means there is something new which you are not accustomed to, there is call for some change. It is OK to be fearful, but at the same time jumping in the sea of life and doing what life is asking you to do is much more necessary.

Dance with your fears, but keep moving forward, You never know where your life will take you.

  1. Do What Needs to Be Done:

May be your brain is telling you “oh, its too risky, i am afraid, what if this goes wrong, what if i got rejection”. But ask yourself What if the thing you are doing turn out to be the most amazing thing you ever do in your life? Feel fear, but do your thing anyway. Move with the fear side by side. And in your deepest fear, you will find your greatest treasure.

Shift the Fear to the backseat of your life, where it will keep making noise, but you as Driver will lead the journey.

  1. Stay In The Moment:

Our mind is crazy, it just keep making assumptions, keep worrying about future, keep saying this will happen, that will happen and keep creating fear. What if we ask our Mind to take a deep breath and Relax.

What’s the fun of worrying about the future which hasn’t happened yet. This won’t happen in a day, but if You keep trying and reassuring your mind from time to time, a stillness will emerge which will allow you to stay in the moment.

  1. Lead with Love:

Love is the ultimate answer. It means you start trusting the unknown, you start moving with the faith. It means our fears are much smaller and a Bigger reality is waiting for Us. When despite our fears We say Yes to our uncertainties, we open the doors to limitless possibilities.

“Night is Dark, but with the Candle of LOVE in your hand, You will definitely reach where you are trying to be”

What are your thoughts on this article? Was it helpful? Are you feeling that now you can handle your fears in a much better way? Share your beautiful thoughts in comments below.

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How to find work you love

5 Basic tips to find what you Really love to do

Everyone of us want to do the work which they would love to do, but most of us are not so much fortunate. Most of us go through life wondering why they are doing what they are doing. For most of us work is only the means of getting our paycheck. And throughout our lives we struggle with our work and with WHO WE REALLY ARE. Finding work which matches our inner image is a matter of allowing what is trying to Manifest through us. Here are 5 tips to find out who You really are and what you want to do with your life.

  1. Find Who You Really Are:

The story begins with Who You Really Are. Have you ever wonder about your own self? Have you ever wonder about your fears, your prejudices, your deeper desires, your dreams, your passions, your thoughts and so on. Spare sometime daily to dig deep Who you really are, and what your heart is telling you to do. And the more you reflect about your own inner self, the more you will come to know about yourself.

  1. Find what comes naturally to you:

What comes naturally is not considered as a gift“. Sometimes what you are searching for is just under your nose. You could be a good writer, singer, poet, musician, dancer and so on, but as it comes so naturally to you, you do not consider these things as gift, and go on to search for some other hidden gifts. If you keep working on your natural talents, these will become your greatest treasure.

  1. Mix Your Passions:

Break the idea of being passionate about one and only one thing. There could be more than one things which you may be good at. Begin to mix your all passions and see what emerges. Let your passions do a dialogue and surely a monologue will appear. Live all your passions and a picture will emerge which at present you cannot comprehend.

  1. Face Your Fears:

Life is like a sea, and if You want to learn how to swim, you need to jump. Begin to ask yourself ” what is it that’s holding me back? What am I afraid of? Why am I not doing what my heart is always telling me to do? Why am I so much worried about people? “. And the more questions you ask yourself, the more clear you will become. The most important and essential point is to take the First step, and the rest of the process will take care of itself.

  1. Follow Your instincts:

Become silent for a moment and listen. Your heart is telling you something. Your gut feelings are giving you some direction. Trust the process and start doing what you always dream of. You will always be taken care of. The life inside you is struggling to lead you where you always want to be. Stop the resistance. Mystery is unfolding, just take the plunge.

“Your Dream sound crazy, but it always begins with a dream”

Future (After Corona)—Full Of Possibilities

After the recent pandemic of Corona Virus (Covid-19), there is unrest throughout the world, everyone is afraid about what will happen to economy, how people will survive, what will happen to people jobs etc etc… These are fears which are in the heart of everyone, Economy is down, businesses are not working, people are staying at their homes, everything seems so dark, Isn’t?

Yet in the greatest trouble lies the biggest opportunity. Humans have survived so many pandemics before. During the first pandemic of Bubonic Plague in 6th century over 25 million people died. While in 19th century during the 3rd pandemic of Plague, in the city of Canton alone the disease caused over 80000 casualties. All this is not the justification of what’s going on in the world right now, but bad things continued to happened throughout the human history.

After World War 2 the world was in very bad shape. But look how the world progressed after that in every field of life. Humanity took quantum leap in the fields of medicine, technology, science and many more. Nature has mysterious ways of dealing and making the things move forward.

The future is full of limitless possibilities. There will be demand of advancement is every field after this pandemic ends. Every Pandemic is a call for new ideas, call for something brand new. Its a call to contribute in the grandest picture, to make the world a little more better, to help others, to move forward together as a specie.

World is waiting for your ideas. What You want to contribute is this limitless future is up to You.

Why We Are Not Happy

3 Common Causes of Why We Are Not Happy With Our Lives

Most often we ask ourselves ” Why I feel unhappy, Why is it so that I feel so much disconnected, Why I feel so much hollow, Why I feel that life is not worth living? “. Most of us feel like this at many moments of our lives. Before technology takes charge of our lives, there was not that much unhappiness and dissatisfaction. As technology is going up, happiness is going down. We as humans race are doing things which are against our instincts and these things are making us depressed, anxious and unhappy with our lives. Here are 3 common Factors which are playing a major role in our unhappiness.

  1. Loss Of Meaningful Relationships:

Ask yourself a simple question “How many Close friends you have, How many people are there on whom you can rely in your difficult times?”. As the number of close people with whom we can share, on whom we can rely in our difficult times goes down, depression or unhappiness automatically goes up. Researches after researches have proven this.

Humans at their core are social animals. The more isolated humans become, the more unhappy and dull they are. And that’s what happening in modern world, most humans feel a strange sense of loneliness as something important is missing in their lives. And everyone is filling the void of social connection with connecting to social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc…). Until and unless we become social again, that feeling of hollowness will haunt us. Humans are social creature who meant to be in connection with one another face to face, not through screen.

  1. Disconnection From Meaningful Work:

If You feel you can talk, share and make a difference in your work, you are less likely to develop anxiety or unhappiness. Most of us go through our day at work with no heart in it. Most of us feel we do not belong where we are working. Finding meaning in our work fulfill our psychological need that we are making a difference.


Find a work you love to do, and then do it with all your heart. May be you are not willing to leave your comfort zone, but that’s all you need to do to move forward and live a happy life. In Sigmund Freud words when asked how to live a happy life, he replied ” Work and Love”

  1. Disconnection From Meaningful Values:

Our values have shifted from moral to materialism. Everybody is after material things. More money, more power, more fame, more and more. Studies have proven “The more materialistic you become, the more unhappy you will be with your life”.

Materialism leaves you constantly vulnerable to a world beyond your control. When you are materialistic, you always think how others will think about you. And when you redirect your attention from materialism to your innermost core values, You automatically become happy and joyous. Then you are in competition with no one, you have nothing to prove to the world. Materialism will lead you no where, but your passions, your compassion, your love, your care for others will ultimately lead you to a happy place.

“Happiness is not something to be found, its a byproduct of living in harmony with your surroundings”