Just Be There

Times like this does not come very often. When you are just there with nothing much to do. But that becomes the problem, isn’t? All our life we keep ourselves busy in different situations, different activities, different goals and so on. But what if we cannot do these things anymore?

All our life we keep ourselves busy with doing this things, by doing that thing, in order to avoid the dullness and unrest we feel when we have nothing much to do. To avoid that dullness we make ourselves busy by doing work, watching television, mobile surfing, you tube, Facebook etc. Have you ever wonder we keep avoiding ourselves, we cannot spent a few minutes with ourselves by simply sitting.

There are many bad things which are happening right now. Corona pandemic has made things worse, people are dying, economy is crashing and many more. Just think for a moment, how fragile human life is. A tiny virus is causing havoc, and we are unable to do anything, simply taking safety measures to keep ourselves safe. This is a very desperate time, and all we can do is to stay at home and minimize the spread.

Yet by staying at home, why not to invest our time in self exploration, rather than making ourselves busy in social media and stuff. Just By simply sitting there still and enjoy our own time. May be at first it would be very difficult to sit simply because of the trouble which the brain will create. However if we continue, slowly and simply silence will take over and give you a sense of joy which cannot be described in words.

This is a time of great opportunity, don’t waste it. In few weeks or months life will return to normal, with old routines of work work and work. And with this, whole life will be spent without knowing or without exploring the most basic questions about life. And in this time, you need not to do much efforts. Simply sitting and being there will do the wonder. So be there simply and wonder will happen to you.

Published by Saqib Riaz

And when you are in some difficulty, you always desire to meet a person who truly will listen to you and help you through your difficult time. Don't lose hope, at Perfect time you will meet the perfect person.

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