World Needs You Right Now

May be throughout your life you have thought ‘What’s my purpose here? Whats the meaning of life, How can I serve the world’. May be your life was not making any sense to you and you was desperate to give it some meaning. Here is some good news, the opportunity to give meaning to your life and serve the humanity is here. It does not matter Who you are, what you do or where you live, during current scenario of Corona Virus(Covid-19), You have the opportunity to touch the life of many people throughout the globe.

Ask yourself ‘What can I offer to world?’. May be you are having expertise in medicine, finance, health, engineering, transport or whatever expertise you have, you can offer it to the people in trouble. You can offer food if you have surplus, you can offer medicine, you can offer clothes, you can offer shelter, or if you think you have nothing to offer, at least you can offer a SMILE.

At this time of pandemic, don’t think what you can get out of the world, rather think what you can give to the world. Its pay back time. This is the situation which whole of the humanity is facing, and we all have to fight it together.

Start sharing whatever you can, This is the time of greatest opportunity to really turn the world into a great brotherhood.

Published by Saqib Riaz

And when you are in some difficulty, you always desire to meet a person who truly will listen to you and help you through your difficult time. Don't lose hope, at Perfect time you will meet the perfect person.

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