Future (After Corona)—Full Of Possibilities

After the recent pandemic of Corona Virus (Covid-19), there is unrest throughout the world, everyone is afraid about what will happen to economy, how people will survive, what will happen to people jobs etc etc… These are fears which are in the heart of everyone, Economy is down, businesses are not working, people are staying at their homes, everything seems so dark, Isn’t?

Yet in the greatest trouble lies the biggest opportunity. Humans have survived so many pandemics before. During the first pandemic of Bubonic Plague in 6th century over 25 million people died. While in 19th century during the 3rd pandemic of Plague, in the city of Canton alone the disease caused over 80000 casualties. All this is not the justification of what’s going on in the world right now, but bad things continued to happened throughout the human history.

After World War 2 the world was in very bad shape. But look how the world progressed after that in every field of life. Humanity took quantum leap in the fields of medicine, technology, science and many more. Nature has mysterious ways of dealing and making the things move forward.

The future is full of limitless possibilities. There will be demand of advancement is every field after this pandemic ends. Every Pandemic is a call for new ideas, call for something brand new. Its a call to contribute in the grandest picture, to make the world a little more better, to help others, to move forward together as a specie.

World is waiting for your ideas. What You want to contribute is this limitless future is up to You.

Published by Saqib Riaz

And when you are in some difficulty, you always desire to meet a person who truly will listen to you and help you through your difficult time. Don't lose hope, at Perfect time you will meet the perfect person.

4 thoughts on “Future (After Corona)—Full Of Possibilities

  1. The economic system will change. Finally, we are going to be able to get rid of the corrupting way of paper money and its misleading.

    All we need is a population that shaken well to be awake. Quantum computers to process the new economic system. Neuroscience to track. Digital wallets that be filled with limitless abundance.

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