Be Original —- But How?

No body is now asking this question “How to be original”. Most often we are living the life of someone else, we are living the desires of our society, we are living in a preset context. And as the society becomes more systematic or we can say more organized, it becomes more and more suffocating. Then in these circumstances the society has already defined some boundaries, and you just have to contain yourself in those boundaries. If you ask yourself how can I become more original, you just need to dig deep. Here are few areas on which you can work.

  1. Comfort Zone:

Many a times you will come across the idea, ‘Oh You just need to leave your comfort zone to be original’. But ask yourself, “Is it Easy?”. You are earning a handsome amount in your current job and that’s feel very much secure, you are taking care of your family with your income, now altogether how can you leave everything aside and start from scratch. Sound’s scary, Isn’t?

So stop listening to the ideas which demand such a radical change, because that will not work. If you want to be original, you don’t need to take very drastic measures. You just need to be sincere, to be thoughtful, to be a little more attentive, you just need to think a little ahead of time.

  1. Fulfill Your Basic Needs First:

First you need to make yourself secure from all your basic needs. If you are very much uncertain from where you next paycheck will come, definitely you will struggle to be original. Then all your energies will spent to make yourself financially secure. First the basic needs must be met, then we can move towards the other dimensions.

When one is secure financially, emotionally and physically, then one can move forward. Freedom starts, when you move above the physical needs, when these needs are no more your main concern. Stop taking influence from outside (which is very difficult, because we are so much exposed to external influences) by paying attention to your genuine needs, not on the needs which the society is telling you in its glamorous form and shape.

  1. Don’t Push Anything:

Sometimes after watching a motivational video or attending a self development seminar, You become so much excited that you want to push yourself hard to cross all your limits, not considering about your desires, your personality, your qualities and your limitations. You just think by pushing hard, you will achieve everything. But the sad reality is ‘a laborer work 8-12 hrs a day, but still find it difficult to take care of his family’. So is this the answer?

You cannot go very far by being hard on yourself. There must be relaxation, comfort, soothness of mind and body, then you can reach where you are trying to be. Don’t make yourself a patient of Hypertension, depression and Anxiety by struggling too hard. Relax a bit, and keep working slowly and nicely, You will definitely reach where you are trying to be.

“If you take too much input from outside, you will definitely not like the output”

Published by Saqib Riaz

And when you are in some difficulty, you always desire to meet a person who truly will listen to you and help you through your difficult time. Don't lose hope, at Perfect time you will meet the perfect person.

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