Do You Want To Change Your Habits?

3 Simple Steps To Develop New habits which You Need Most

Is it possible to change any of your co-existing habits or to develop a new habit which you need most to move forward in life? May be you have tried to wake up early in morning, start a diet plan or develop an exercise routine, but failed horribly. We all know what we need most to build the life of our dreams. But as we start working towards our new habits, our old routines kicks in and we find ourselves in the middle of nowhere. If we continue to draw on our will power, we feel exhausted in a couple of days or weeks, and that’s when we decided to leave our efforts and return to our old familiar routines. If we follow a systematic approach, it would be a bit easy to develop new routines. Here are 3 basic steps to develop a new routine.

  1. Start With Small Steps:

Suppose you want to develop a routine of 30 minutes exercise daily. What would be the best approach to develop this routine?

  • Start with 30 minutes straight and pushing ourselves hard daily until we are exhausted.
  • Or would it be better to start with 3-5 minutes of exercise daily and gradually build on it?

Most of us, when we decide to develop a new habit are so much excited that we want to start and get the results of our new routine immediately. So we decided to go with 30 minutes exercise daily, and in few days we feel its too hard. Most of us are like this. So if you are looking forward to develop a new routine, Our advise is to break that routine in multiple small steps. Start practicing one small step, and when you find it easy without any effort, you take another small step and go on like this.

  1. Link Your New Routine With An Old One:

It would be a bit easy to develop new routine, if you link your new routine with an old one. So if you are looking forward to develop a routine of exercise, first decide when you want to do it. Suppose you want to do it in the morning, so it would be a good idea to do it after brushing your teeth. So you ask yourself, “after brushing my teeth, I will exercise for 2 minute or 3 minute” or whatever you like.

By linking your new routine to an old one, you are giving it a more familiar shape. And when you link your new routine with an old one, your brain take it as the continuity of the old routine and resist less. Linking is a very powerful tool, use it in your favor and you will feel easier to develop new routines.

  1. Give Yourself Immediate Reward:

If you want to make your new habit stick, you need to give yourself immediate reward after you perform the activity. For example, after doing exercise for 2 minutes, You can give yourself an imaginary tap, Or you can say to yourself that you are amazing, Or you can reward yourself by singing the song you like or listening to your favorite music or whatever way you like to reward yourself. But the reward must be immediate.

There is no doubt that the human mind is reward driven. When you are rewarding yourself for a routine, you are consolidating that routine. Rewards make us feel good about ourselves that we have done something, we have achieved something. So if you are looking forward to develop a new routine, immediate reward is the Must Strategy.


Do not go for shortcuts in life, go for a systematic approach. There is method to everything, and when you follow that systematic approach, things become easy. So if you start with small steps, link your new habit with an old one and give yourself immediate reward, the journey to develop new habits will become much more easy.

If you plant the seed at the right time, in the right place, it will grow without much effort.

Published by Saqib Riaz

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