Why We Are Not Happy

3 Common Causes of Why We Are Not Happy With Our Lives

Most often we ask ourselves ” Why I feel unhappy, Why is it so that I feel so much disconnected, Why I feel so much hollow, Why I feel that life is not worth living? “. Most of us feel like this at many moments of our lives. Before technology takes charge of our lives, there was not that much unhappiness and dissatisfaction. As technology is going up, happiness is going down. We as humans race are doing things which are against our instincts and these things are making us depressed, anxious and unhappy with our lives. Here are 3 common Factors which are playing a major role in our unhappiness.

  1. Loss Of Meaningful Relationships:

Ask yourself a simple question “How many Close friends you have, How many people are there on whom you can rely in your difficult times?”. As the number of close people with whom we can share, on whom we can rely in our difficult times goes down, depression or unhappiness automatically goes up. Researches after researches have proven this.

Humans at their core are social animals. The more isolated humans become, the more unhappy and dull they are. And that’s what happening in modern world, most humans feel a strange sense of loneliness as something important is missing in their lives. And everyone is filling the void of social connection with connecting to social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc…). Until and unless we become social again, that feeling of hollowness will haunt us. Humans are social creature who meant to be in connection with one another face to face, not through screen.

  1. Disconnection From Meaningful Work:

If You feel you can talk, share and make a difference in your work, you are less likely to develop anxiety or unhappiness. Most of us go through our day at work with no heart in it. Most of us feel we do not belong where we are working. Finding meaning in our work fulfill our psychological need that we are making a difference.


Find a work you love to do, and then do it with all your heart. May be you are not willing to leave your comfort zone, but that’s all you need to do to move forward and live a happy life. In Sigmund Freud words when asked how to live a happy life, he replied ” Work and Love”

  1. Disconnection From Meaningful Values:

Our values have shifted from moral to materialism. Everybody is after material things. More money, more power, more fame, more and more. Studies have proven “The more materialistic you become, the more unhappy you will be with your life”.

Materialism leaves you constantly vulnerable to a world beyond your control. When you are materialistic, you always think how others will think about you. And when you redirect your attention from materialism to your innermost core values, You automatically become happy and joyous. Then you are in competition with no one, you have nothing to prove to the world. Materialism will lead you no where, but your passions, your compassion, your love, your care for others will ultimately lead you to a happy place.

“Happiness is not something to be found, its a byproduct of living in harmony with your surroundings”

Published by Saqib Riaz

And when you are in some difficulty, you always desire to meet a person who truly will listen to you and help you through your difficult time. Don't lose hope, at Perfect time you will meet the perfect person.

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