How To Make Right Decision

3 Simple Steps For Making The Right Decision

‘No Decision Is about Right Or Wrong, Its Only About Who You Are’

Just forget about the right or wrong decisions, the best thing you should ask is ” Whats the right way to make a decision”. No one can tell whether they are making the right or wrong decision. One thing is sure, whatever decision we make, it affects our life in a certain way. Let’s look at three simple steps for choosing the right way of making decision.

  1. What Are Your Inner most Values:

Before you make any decision, Stop and think about your inner most values. You might be a person who love to help others, but now the decision you are making is a selfish one, or You happened to be a creative person but now you are choosing a dumb job with no creativity at all.

Every decision is a declaration about your Inner most being. Its about how you perceive the world. Stop asking whether I am making the right decision or wrong, Begin to ask yourself what are my core Values and the decision I am making coincide with my values or not.

  1. Listen To Your Inner Guidance:

You are about to bought a house but something inside you is telling you not to bought that specific house, or You are about to choose a career but your gut feelings are not comfortable with that choice. Sound’s Familiar?

There is a part of you which you can call sixth sense, gut feelings, inner voice or whatever you like, and that part of you is more wise than your rational mind. It keeps sending us the message whats good for us. But its always our free will whether to listen to it or not. If you are not able to listen to your inner voice, no worries. If you really pay attention you will realize that your inner guidance is always on and its always there to help You.

  1. Involve Concerned People:

In the journey of life, there are many people involved in everyone’s life. The decision you are making will certainly affect the people around you. Have you considered their well being? Have you discussed your thoughts with your loved ones?

Life is not about going alone, its about taking others with You. Life is a Dialogue not Monologue. And the moment you start to take care of others, Life Begins to take care of You.

‘It is only in the mysterious equations of Love that any logic or reasons can be found’

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