Going Beyond Your Fears

How To Overcome Your Fears — 5 Simple Tips

“People don’t regret failure, they regret mostly over opportunities they did not seize”

You are planning to do something great like start a new business, going for a long trip, preparing for your speech, launching a new product and so on. During this whole process a feeling of uncertainty, ambiguity and stress surrounds you. And sometimes during this whole journey You crashed out and cancel what you were planning to do. Sound’s Familiar? It happens to all of us, and if we want to grow in life, we need to learn how to go beyond our Fears. Here are 5 simple tips.

  1. Accept Your Fears:

Remember your childhood, always afraid of new things but also having the desire to explore. As we grow, fear becomes a taboo. You cannot tell anyone that you are afraid or he/she will think “WHAT, Afraid? Are you 10 ?”.

Fear does not mean something is wrong with you, It means YOU are just HUMAN. Like all other emotion, this emotion is also there to protect us and divert us away from danger or uncertainty. If we want to grow, we need to accept and make peace with our most natural emotion.

  1. Dance With Your Fears:

Whenever there is uncertainty, there will be Fear. Fear means there is something new which you are not accustomed to, there is call for some change. It is OK to be fearful, but at the same time jumping in the sea of life and doing what life is asking you to do is much more necessary.

Dance with your fears, but keep moving forward, You never know where your life will take you.

  1. Do What Needs to Be Done:

May be your brain is telling you “oh, its too risky, i am afraid, what if this goes wrong, what if i got rejection”. But ask yourself What if the thing you are doing turn out to be the most amazing thing you ever do in your life? Feel fear, but do your thing anyway. Move with the fear side by side. And in your deepest fear, you will find your greatest treasure.

Shift the Fear to the backseat of your life, where it will keep making noise, but you as Driver will lead the journey.

  1. Stay In The Moment:

Our mind is crazy, it just keep making assumptions, keep worrying about future, keep saying this will happen, that will happen and keep creating fear. What if we ask our Mind to take a deep breath and Relax.

What’s the fun of worrying about the future which hasn’t happened yet. This won’t happen in a day, but if You keep trying and reassuring your mind from time to time, a stillness will emerge which will allow you to stay in the moment.

  1. Lead with Love:

Love is the ultimate answer. It means you start trusting the unknown, you start moving with the faith. It means our fears are much smaller and a Bigger reality is waiting for Us. When despite our fears We say Yes to our uncertainties, we open the doors to limitless possibilities.

“Night is Dark, but with the Candle of LOVE in your hand, You will definitely reach where you are trying to be”

What are your thoughts on this article? Was it helpful? Are you feeling that now you can handle your fears in a much better way? Share your beautiful thoughts in comments below.

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